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A Guide to Maritime and Admiralty Law

One of the most fatal accidents that happened on the water was the Titanic, where over one thousand people died in a night. Admiralty law was made essential from that incident. In this link, you will find more information about maritime laws and the area they cover. Maritime or admiralty law is a collection of agreements that govern what happens in international waters. You should follow the laws of the country you visit in relations to their admiral laws. Anything that happens between countries on an international level concerning safety and security is governed by The International Marine Organization.

So many people are puzzled by the origin of maritime laws. Maritime laws are coded from British principles and common law. Maritime laws fall under federal laws in the United States. Note that personal injury cases that occur on the water are not included. The federal law will still be applicable in case they end up in court.

If you talk to any maritime lawyer, they will agree that one of the most common cases they handle is personal injury claims. With the dangers on the water, lawmakers have made policies to ensure that victims of personal injury get free medical care. Besides, ship owners should provide maintenance assistance to the victims. In case it ends in a court case, then the hip owner will take care of the attorney fees. In case you become a victim, don’t accept any offer from the ship owner unless you talk to your lawyer.

Why should you use a maritime lawyer? Maritime law is a special field that requires particular knowledge. You may realize that a reputable lawyer in your state is only familiar with the federal laws, putting your case in jeopardy. From their credentials, you will see if they completed their training from a recognized law school. Tread carefully to avoid dealing with someone with negative feedback.

Self-protection is an essential factor you should not overlook. If you have an injury while working on a ship, you may have a case under admiralty law. Choosing the best maritime lawyer can be a daunting task, especially if it’s your first time. One of the things you should look into when hiring a maritime lawyer is the experience. Apart from the duration they have been in the field, you should also find time to investigate the kind of cases they have handled to judge if they are suitable to handle yours. Dealing with an experienced maritime lawyer is advantageous because you can trust that they can handle your case professionally irrespective of the challenges. If you want to learn how to identify a good maritime lawyer, click here.