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Some of The Best Cars That People Should Consider for A Long Distance Move Today
It is interestingly true that Americans move residences way much more than Europeans with research showing that the latter move about just four times on average while the former move as much as 11 times. Although there are many other reasons as to why people move today, work and family, as well as relationships, seem to be top of the list when it comes to the causes of frequent moves that take place in America every year and across the world as well. Regardless of why one may be moving, it is still true that America offers one of the best geographically mobile-friendly environment as long as one has a great cross country ride every time they need to move. For anyone wondering why they should ensure that they have a great cross country ride when there are so many great cars that last between 200000 miles and 300000 miles in the market, they should understand that the former always comes with a wide range of benefits that they can enjoy. If you are planning to move but not aware which car you need, then there are so many people going through the same across the world as well. This useful article, however, saves the day for such people by suggesting some of the best options that come in so handy at the time as discussed below.

Firstly, there is the 2018 BMW 328D xDrive Sports Wagon that is not just diesel-powered but also comes with a highway fuel economy rating of 40 mpg. Its combined city/highway fuel economy rating of 34mpg is also highly impressive while, on the other hand, its fuel efficiency making it an ideal choice for long trips such as long-distance moves. Additionally, it also packs some high amounts of power all thanks to its 180 HP and 280 pound-foot of torque which when paired with a utility trailer allows one to tow some of the stuff by oneself which cuts on the moving costs significantly in the end. Anyone that chooses to do some DIY hauling may want to view these trailers for sale and find out the suitable options in the long run. Bearing in mind that this BMW is a wagon, it also offers so much interior space for more luggage and the AWD system is also beneficial so that one does not have to worry about rains in case there is a downpour before one gets to their destination.

There is also the 2019 Kia Sorento FWD which has a 24 mpg city/highway fuel economy making it a great option for a long-distance move.

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