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Guide On How to Cope As a Dual Caregiver
If you are taking care of your parents and children then you are a member of the sandwich generation which is estimated to be at least 47% of adults. Most of the adults and getting quite stressed out since they have a lot of responsibilities and face unique challenges every day. If you want to know whether you are part of the sandwich generation then you should look out for these signs since the term was created by Dorothy Miller in 1981.

The sandwich caregiver is about 40 to 50 years old raise small children and are responsible for an older child financially. People in this generation have full-time jobs and take care of their family, but female caregivers have more roles than men. Taking care of your family and parents financially can affect your mental state since you are under a lot of pressure every day.

People become club sandwich caregivers when they are extending help to grandparents for grandchildren. People known as sandwich generation caregivers have a difficult time fulfilling their roles at work since they have to take care of family commitments. The sandwich generation caregiver is usually tired and stressed out because of the work and family pressure, but companies are addressing the situation by giving them benefits.

More companies are offering stress relief at work, workshops for financial planning and health incentives so the sandwich generation caregiver can take care of the health and family without feeling stressed out. If you are a dual caregiver then you should check the employee benefits booklet or discuss their human resource manager to see what help you can receive. The sandwich generation caregivers are encouraged to visit a therapist regularly so they can learn healthy coping skills since research has shown they have high stress levels.

Communication is important when you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the responsibilities so recruiting family members to assist you and going for after-school programs helps calm your nerves. There are multiple support groups in your local area or online that will help you go through tough situations since you’ll meet people who face the same challenges and understand your position. You need to master the art of communicating with your elderly parents as well as children since the elderly parent can face different health problems like cognitive disorders, Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Sometimes kids are affected by the obligations of a dual caregiver especially financially since their parents spend all the money as soon as they get it. The dual caregiver must learn that they also have dreams and obligations for learning to say no to different expectations of your children and elderly is important plus take time off and relax so you can know what you should focus on.