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The Mood to Expect with the Weather

Mother nature has a lot of power above humanity, it can dictate what can be done and what will not, when it comes to checking the weather, most of us will do it just to be sure it will not hamper our work. For people working indoors, they might have no clue about weather changes until they step out of the office to head home or for lunch. it would come off as strange to ask people if changes in the weather affect their moods . Science, however, happens to think that the weather affects our moods. You will be a sad person when you have not been in sunlight or seen it. The explanation here is the production of the hormone responsible for making you sleepy, as you become slug you will not be in a position to function normally. With sunshine, on the other hand, it has been said you have a high chance of breaking the bank as you will spend more thanks to the motivation . When the rain is pounding, you will find yourself eating more especially carbs, the reason behind this is the low levels of serotonin now that melatonin is being produced in large amounts, eating will restore the serotonin levels making you feel better. The solution obtained here is only temporary and you will be back at the snacks time after time. For there to be a downpour, atmospheric pressure will go down and this has an effect of making the blood move to the tissue where the joints will have more of the blood pressure hence stiffness and pain especially when you are in an uncomfortable position for too long. Being outdoor with the weather you love or one that you can bear will have a good effect on the memory and creative aspect of you. For the maximum effect of this, it’s encouraged that you spare half an hour and take a nature walk. Being that exposure to the sun brings the best of moods in us, you will easily adopt a helpful and romantic mood at such times. Summer makes one of the fun-filled times where you can be out engaging in what you love.

It will make more of those times when you spend it with the people you care about. Extremely high temperatures have the effects of masking people aggressive. when it’s extremely cold people will be slow and probably not the best time to expect much. The motivation in such times is very low and people will be craving for hot drinks. With such kind of weather, it’s best not to engage in complex physical activities because most probably the results will not be what you expect. Checking the weather should also come with considering how that could influence your moods especially during the hurricane season.