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Learn Everything There Is For You To Know When It Comes To Ti Leaf Plant

If you are fond of medicine plants, then surely you do know about how there are already fifty-two thousand eight hundred eighty-five medicinal plants present all over the world. However, in this article, what we will be talking about is the legendary ti leaf plant. For sure, you already are familiar with the ti leaf plant but perhaps, you do not know its name, so you think you do not. If you have seen people dancing the hula dance, the leaves that are used on the hula ski comes from the ti leaf plant. In the event that you are searching for information regarding a ti leaf plant, we suggest that you read this article as we provide here some vital and essential facts about it.

If you have tried visiting Hawaii before, then we are sure that you are quite familiar with the region’s landscape as well as flora. One of the most common plants that you can see in the whole of Hawaii is the ti leaf plant which is also known for having a huge place in the culture if the country. There are several high-acclaimed historians out there who claim that the ti leaf plant is not actually a native to the islands of Hawaii. In fact, many historians believed that the Polynesians are the catalyst in the existence of ti leaf plants in Hawaii because they are said to be the ones who brought it when they settled in the region about four hundred to five hundred A.D. Since they are known for being skilled mariners, they tend to leave their islands when they became overpopulated or when the conditions are making it impossible for them to farm.

Since they are aware that their journey will take a long time, they brought with them some necessary supplies like tools, chicken, dogs, pigs and also, plants which they can cultivate in the new island. They used canoes that were dugout entirely as their primary marine vehicle. Among all the plants that they carry with them as they settled in the islands of Hawaii is the ti leaf plant. Due to the special meaning that it holds, the ti leaf plant was able to withstand the long journey.

There was a folklore regarding the ti leaf plant wherein it has been said that it is sacred to both the Hawaiian God of Fertility, Lono and also, the Hawaiian Goddess of Hula, Laka. Because of the special meaning that the ti leaf plant holds, priests are using them in their ceremonies as a way to ward off evil spirits. As for the ancient Hawaiians, they actually took advantage of the folklore and made use of the leaves of the ti leaf plant as their primary source of food, utensils and also, medicine.