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Ways in Which Nursing Homes Should Operate

Nursing homes provide care and monitoring to the elderly who have complex health care conditions that need the help of a skilled nurse. When the elderly cannot support themselves in terms of bathing, eating, and dressing their families normally consider taking them to a nursing home where they can get full support at all times. Nursing homes offer stimulating activities that help in reducing depression in elderly people and keeping their spirits and body alive.

Nursing homes are meant to be places where you are well treated by the staff, but in some case, there are those who get abused in the process of their stay. So, to ensure the residents are treated well, the nursing home has a Nursing home reform act that targets the nursing homes seeking to provide, medical services to the elderly people.

The basic rights of the residents should be followed in every nursing home. The elderly should enjoy the nursing home basic rights by being given a quality life which includes mental, physical and psycho social services. The elderly basic rights allow them to be active in deciding a comprehensive care plan, and they are in a position to maintain their finances and the property they own.

The needs of the elderly must be provided in a nursing home. Every elderly in the nursing home should receive adequate health and safety needs from the staff, therefore the nursing home must have enough staff to perform the task. The nurses are supposed to check with the patients whether they are doing their daily functions such as bathing, dressing, taking the right diet, taking enough fluids to maintain body hydration in an appropriate manner as per the level required.

Also, the nurses are to ensure that every patient receive supervision throughout the day to prevent injuries and accidents that can be caused by medical devices. Additionally, there are inspectors who examine the place to make sure the residents are safe in terms of their health and hygiene.

The nursing home should have a plan for need’s assessment for the elderly citizens. It is the mandate of the nursing home to ensure that they assess the needs of the patients when they arrive in the facility so that they can get funds to support them. The care plan developed by the nursing staff outlines the needs of the elderly which include, how mobile they are, the risks, the medication they require and how good they can take care of themselves.

The medical staff in the nursing homes can be organized when they assess the needs of the elderly as they can establish the care plans for each one of them and have a record to refer from instead of bothering the patient.

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