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Amazing Facts That Everyone Needs to Know About the Bible Today
Some of the oldest biblical texts are said to be about 2700 years old which is not to say that there aren’t older ones bearing in mind that many historians believe that the book of Genesis was the first to be written. There are thus some Biblical texts that date back all the way to 3400 years while the book itself is a precious piece of history which everyone attests to regardless of their religion. It is interesting how the Bible contains so much moving history that even Atheists agree with which explains why people today are out to learn they can about the Bible. Even though most people read the Bible regularly, and even have their favorite verses, there are so many hidden facts that they do not know about this amazing book some of which are discussed below.

Firstly, the Bible is a really long book which is a fact that most people are not aware of and it was originally written in 3 languages with most of the Old Testament being in Hebrew even though some of it was originally in Aramaic. Greek, on the other hand, come in so handy for the New Testament Bible writers which at least most people are aware of. When it comes to the word count, the Bible had about 611000 words in the original languages and the book of Jeremiah was the longest of all the books. There is so much that people can learn from the Bible and use to deal with the countless trials and tribulations that come with every passing day and these different verses can help people toulations t learn about the powerful benefits that come with reading the Bible.

The Bible also contains a wide range of genres of writing which explains why it is not a novel due to the many poems it contains and also not a book of letters due to the multiple histories and legal codes. Among the many types of writing genres that the Bible has, there are also more types of writing styles that the writers used which include hymns and laments which are just a few of the different Psalms found in the bible. The book of Genesis contains not just figurative passages but also literal while the Gospels on the other hand use hyperbole and parables to record Jesus. It is these different styles and genres that make understanding the Bible a little bit challenging at the end of the day. It is also a fun challenge similar to analyzing an in-depth poem or reading that medical journal and there is always something for everyone in that Big Book that strikes one’s fancy.

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