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Beautiful National Parks in the US

Many national parks are found in the US. All these parks are managed by a protective body known as US National Park Service. The parks are put in place because of several reasons. People go to these parks to learn or to have fun. Different people from different areas go to the US to visit these parks. The animals and natural terrains inside the parks are what attract people to visit the parks. You will enjoy your stay in the US when you visit the national parks in the US. Below is a discussion of some of the best national parks to visit when in the US.

Yellowstone National Park is one of the parks you need to visit. Yellowstone National Park was put in place a long time ago. The park is located in a very big land which makes it accommodate a lot of things. Geographical features lovers will enjoy the visitation to the park since lakes and beautiful terrains are inside it. Inside the park, there are valleys where buffaloes are found. You will get lost in the park’s splendor when you see the high mountains inside the park. Inside the park, there are also hot springs and geysers.

When in the US , you also need to visit Yosemite National Park. Yosemite National Park is found in California. Inside the park, there is bridal veil fall, rock formations, and vernal fall. The features are , and you will not get tired of looking at them. Yosemite Valley is also found inside the park. The fact that Yosemite Valley looks like a tunnel makes it eye-catching.

Glacier National Park is another park you need to visit when in the US. There are mountain ranges and several lakes in the park. The stunning mountains and cool waters make this park an interesting place to visit. You will not only look at the stunning features of the park, but you will also climb mountains, trail in the lakes and go for hikes. There are also other eye-catching sites in the park. Such sites include UNESCO world heritage site, Waterton-Glacier International Park and Apgar Nature center.

Grand Canyon National Park is another beautiful park in the US. Inside the park, there is a river known as Colorado River. Rafting is allowed in the river. Hiking also takes place in the UNESCO World Heritage Site found inside this park. Photography is allowed in the park. The beautiful features inside the park make it a perfect place for photography. Above are some of the parks you need to visit when in the US.