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Legal Steps You Should Take After a Dog Bite.

Dogs are known to be man’s best friend but don’t be mistaken, they can turn on anyone and cause very serious injuries. After a dog attacks, it leaves one with bite marks, trauma, and an attacked person can easily contract rabies. Below are some legal steps you ought to take if you are a dog attack or bite victim.
The most important thing you ought to do when a dog attacks you is record everything that transpired during the attack immediately from the beginning to the end. If you might have had a verbal or physical exchange with the dog owner before and after the attack, ensure that you include it in your written record. You should also prepare a list of all the expenses you are likely to incur and also ensure that you capture any state law clauses on dog bites.
Reporting the dog bite matter is also an important step you need to take. The police will write a report in the incident and this will aid in their investigation in determining if the dog has been involved in a different bite incident. Reporting is also important as it enables the police to know if the dog is vaccinated up to date, a fact which may twist you case in court if you decide to sue the dog’s owner. One this is done, you need to seek medical attention immediately regardless of the bites being serious or minor.
An out of court settlement is one of the options you can go for when you are looking for settlement with a dog owner whose dog attacked you. The compensation cost of the dog bites obtained during an attack can be covered by the dog owners personal insurance company or his or her own owner’s insurance cover if it covers for dog bites. You save on cash and time when you choose the out of court settlement option. If you go for this option, don’t settle to quickly as this may see you lose the essence of the settlement.
It is advisable that you seek the services of a professional lawyer in dog bite cases if the dog owner fails to meet the terms agreed upon or an issue arises you can consult this law firm. Other than gathering the information and evidence about the incident, the lawyer also prepares a demand letter based on the expenses you have incurred and also inform the dog owner of your intention of using them in the court of law. Within the demand letter is a quote which your lawyer demands as payment for you with regard to the injuries caused to you in case the sued party fails to settle the amount. If your case is not the first on the dog has been involved in, it is advisable that you push forward with the case.