22 Lessons Learned:

Performing A Body Scan

A normal human body is compromised of various parts that depends on each other. When we want to meet our daily demands that is obvious that we will encounter various pressure. This pressure due to daily demands is always met in different ways as there are those who will carry it on their shoulder while there are those who will be met with anxiety. And due to these situations you will always be advised that you make sure you practice mindfulness.

Mindfulness will help one to create some diversions in their brain that will help them to avoid the anxiety. Your mental health is always considered to be as essential as your physical health. Mindful meditation is a kind of medication whereby you are trained to only focus your mind on your experiences and the present. Mindful meditation always include the personal awareness of our body and mind.

And so as to attain the highest level of your body awareness one must make sure that they are able to go though a body scan. This is the most efficient way that you can use to listen to your body. At times you may not be sure of where you feel pain but this process will help you to know. This is the most efficient way that one can use to connect to their body. It will help you in identifying any physical pain and you will also be able to know if the pain is linked to your emotions. You can be able to be in tune with your body through mindfulness meditation.

The body scan scripture is important in that it will guide you to make sure that you do the body scan well. For a body scan to be perfect it will have to be in a place that you will not get any type of interference. You can choose the best style as well as attend workshops that you can use as you can either sit down or you can also lie down. You should start by focusing your awareness on your breathing.

You should start by taking three deep breath before you can now choose to focus on your thoughts. As your thoughts will be flowing you also need to make sure that you pay attention to them. Your body scan can always start from either the top to your feet or the other way round.