Private Air Travel in the Time of Covid-19

Private Air Travel in the Time of Covid-19

Many people continue to worry about flying commercial as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to spread across the United States. Commercial airlines have many stipulations if you do fly and most have cut their flights to allow for greater social distancing while in the air. Then you have people who are disregarding rules and taking off their masks, and that becomes a big worry for many passengers. It’s no wonder that people continue to question whether commercial flights are truly safe.

Instead of risking being on a commercial flight with a couple of hundred people, a great alternative may be taking an international jet, whether you’re traveling domestically or heading overseas.

Traveling Privately Reduces Your Exposure

According to Forbes, heading to a commercial airport terminal and then flying commercial can result in as many as 270 person-to-person interactions that could result in exposure to Covid-19. That sounds pretty scary. But compare that to flying privately where you’d likely have under 20 person-to-person interactions. That’s a huge difference.

Those numbers don’t even take into account the bacteria that could be lurking on various surfaces throughout the aircraft cabins of commercial planes. Tray tables, headrests, and other areas often have high

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