The Making of a Film

Film making is a cumbersome process. It can also be long and tedious. It is a process that requires zeal, passion, and a massive injection of capital. Without the combination of the three, even accomplished filmmakers like Heather Parry might find it very difficult to put together a feature-length film.

Making films, which is popularly referred to as film production in the industry, involves a number of steps. Like many proper projects, it starts with planning and progresses all the way to the distribution of the finished product. Before delving into all that, here is a look at some of the necessary resources a filmmaker needs beforehand.

  • Script

Before any physical resources are brought on board, it is necessary first to have a script from your writers up and ready.

  • Cast

Cast your characters; this, in most cases, turns out to be the most valuable asset in film making. In some films, a considerable chunk of the movie’s budget goes into paying the cast members.

The Film Making Process

The film making process involves four main steps. Depending on the film, these stages could take anywhere from weeks to years.


At this stage, you have to cast your characters, …